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About MJ's singing holidays

The Singing and the Ethos

MJ’s singing holidays are, as one of our graduates wrote, “A fun holiday, with a purpose”. You will be singing all styles of music – from classical to pop – every day. Over the week, in a supportive and uplifting environment, you will be singing in a large group, small groups and individually, for those who are happy to do so.

Some people will have vocal epiphanies while others will come to a deeper understanding of themselves, their vocal range, style and technique – and may discover, if they don’t know already, what musical song style really suits their voice and personality. This is for all abilities and backgrounds, from the new singer to the professional.

MJ's singing holidays


New Orleans

Metropolitan by Como, Miami
The Loft 523, New Orleans
6–16 June 2017
More information to follow

USA: Miami and New Orleans

We will be organising MJ's first transatlantic singing holiday, with an exciting mix of vocal workshops and time for some sightseeing in New Orleans and Miami. We will be staying at the Metropolitan by Como for five nights in Miami and five nights in New Orleans at The Loft 523.

£3890 per person

Please email for prices for couples.
Discount available for early bookings.

Included in the price of the workshop:

Read Ginny Dougary's article about Miami published in The Times (pdf 373Kb)

Read Ginny Dougary's article about New Orleans published in The Times (pdf 1.2Mb)


Riyad El Cadi

Riyad El Cadi, Marrakech
Dates to be confirmed
Further information to follow

Morocco: Marrakech


Although singing is at the core of these holidays, there are several characteristics which define an MJ’s singing holiday. The team, whenever possible, will have stayed in all the hotels chosen – and we will always favour the boutique, the stylish, the independent over the bland business chain. We like to organize a surprise for every group, usually involving local culture. We will have researched restaurants, cafes, bars, shops and galleries – always seeking out the unusual - so we can recommend to the group and organise a group outing, if desired.

Price include flights, transfers, tips, hotels and vocal workshop.


MJ's vocal workshop, Morocco, 2015

MJ's vocal workshop, Morocco, 2015

This course is for all levels of vocalists. You will be singing a wide range of different music and will have the opportunity to discover more about your range in a one-on-one session with the music director, MJ Paranzino.

You do not have to be able to read music to participate.


We can arrange many activities (not included in the price) for the group, so that if couples wish to make this one of their annual holidays – with non-singing partners accompanying our vocalists - there is plenty for them to do, for example, photography or cooking special local dishes to diving and fishing trips, and special hiking tours.

Morocco singing holiday table setting