Riyad El Cadi, Marrakech
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Vocal workshop, Morocco, 2014

“A great opportunity to explore my voice in a supportive group of like-minded individuals with lots of laughs and sunshine”

After a terrific debut in Morocco in March 2014 we were delighted to return in 2015

These were wonderful days of fun, making new friends, new experiences – sights, tastes, sounds – and a fulfilling vocal journey. After receiving feedback from our first group, we tailored the 2015 Moroccan Vocal Workshop slightly differently. Our singers were uniformly taken with the lovely Riyad El Cadi in Marrakech. More about the 2014 vocal workshop at Riyad El Cadi

Villa Maroc looking towards the beach at Essaouira

Villa Maroc looking towards the beach at Essaouira

“A superbly organised, well-thought out vocal workshop. An excellent combination of work and play. A thoroughly enjoyable experience”

“MJ’s workshops combined fun, food and excellent vocal training”

Riyad El Cadi courtyard

One of the courtyards at Riyad El Cadi

Included in the price of the workshop:

“Thank you for all the preparation before our workshop and the care and attention during it which made it such a successful trip for me”